What Our Customers Say About The Benefits of Chaga

Rodney C.

Cancer Testimonials

I do appreciate what Chaga Golden has done with the Chaga Mushroom, they do have the best products around!

When I moved from Maine to Florida to do hurricane restoration, I was exposed to a lot of sun, and ended up with a lot of skin cancer sores. The Chaga Golden products, did a great job of removing the sores.

I used Chaga Lotion and Balm externally on my skin and took the Chaga Extract internally as well.

Robert K.

My wife and I are firm believers in the benefits of Chaga and we will continue to use this wonderful product.

Diane S.

My immune system is stronger and I no longer suffer with painful outbreaks of Shingles.

Amber J.

Hi! I met you at one of your markets and tried Chaga Extract for the first time. Your product has completely changed my quality of life! I work with children and was getting sick 2-3 times a month with viruses from the kids; since taking your Chaga Extract daily, I have not been sick in 3 months now! I had no idea how powerful Chaga was.

I am beyond grateful for that chance introduction to Chaga Extract and the quality of your products. I told my coworkers about your products because I was the only one not getting sick in the clinic! Super grateful I took the leap to buy a bottle the day I met you!

Mary M.

Cancer Testimonial

I had been diagnosed with stage 4 cirrhosis of the liver from taking a prescribed medication for arthritis, they gave me 1 year to live. I was DONE with pharmaceutical drugs! I found a good Naturalpath Doctor, and he prescribed some supplements; I asked him about Chaga Mushroom, and he highly recommended it.

I started taking this Chaga Golden Extract in 2017. I could tell that this was a key factor in my recovery. Within 2 years after taking it, my liver is functioning normally. I haven’t had a cold, flu, or even Covid since I started taking it. And I have been around a lot of sick people.

This Chaga, in my opinion, is a lifesaver. I know there are a lot of other Chaga products out there, but this is the better one. Thank you for all you do to provide a real healing product, not a cover-up or band-aid like pharmaceutical companies give us.

Ollie, D

My doctor is mystified at the improvement in my COPD symptoms but we know it’s the Chaga that has made the difference.

Dennis H.

I attribute my daily use of Chaga to vastly diminishing my pre-cancerous polyps.

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Karen P.

Cancer Testimonial

I have used all of the Chaga Golden Products and have found them to be awesome. I love natural products and people who care and believe in what they do. I started using Chaga Extract first.  I completely believe it helps the immune system.  

The lotion has helped my skin from sun exposure and was wonderful to use something I wasn’t allergic to. I also use Chaga Balm for any open cuts or skin irritation and for shingles.

I have what I consider to be a mild case of shingles compared to most who deal with it. When I get an outbreak, I get head-to-toe pain. I have found that if I feel the outbreak tingle and immediately apply Chaga Balm to the affected area, usually twice a day, I will have minimal pain.

Sometimes I get lucky and avoid the pain altogether! I also like to use the soap, particularly when I have an outbreak, for extra soothing on the irritated areas.

Once, I fell and banged up my knee badly, along with other scrapes and bumps to my hand’s elbows and other knee. I immediately cleaned it up, and applied Chaga Balm on the open wound.  I continued to apply Chaga Balm on the wound for 1 to 2 weeks at least twice a day.

I had kind of neglected the smaller wounds. By the end of 3 weeks, my knee was healed with no scab; in fact, it never scabbed. On the other hand, my minor wounds had scabs and were still healing. Simply amazing products!

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